External Assessment

PACT membership and PACT-KSA accreditation is available for existing trainers who are already proficient in learning theory and have sufficient practical experience.

Requirements are:

  • Submission of short Training CV
  • Submission of four assignments
  • Submission of training log (100 hours)
  • Submission of two short (simple) training cases
  • Submission of two long (more complex) training cases
  • Attending a Pre-Assessment
  • Theory and Practical Assessment

The Pre-Assessment is compulsory and has been put in place to review individual skills and determine readiness for the theory and practical assessment. External applicants may be required to undertake an additional module(s) or some PACT lectures, and/or gain more experience if deemed necessary by the course tutors. This is to ensure no one is put through an examination needlessly, and to avoid disappointment and loss of self-confidence.

Detailed instructions for submission of requirements will be emailed upon booking the Pre-Assessment. Click on the top right panel to book an Initial Application.

How to apply

Step 1:

  • Pay the non-refundable Application Fee
  • Send short training CV
  • Send two initial assignments*
  • Await approval to pre-assessment

*Assignment topics along with guidelines will be emailed upon booking of the non-refundable Application Fee. Please note that assignments cannot be re-submitted for a period of 12 months should your initial application be unsuccessful.

Step 2:

Upon clearance to pre-assessment:

  • Book Pre-Assessment

Step 3:

Upon successful pre-assessment:

  • Book Final Assessment
  • Submit final two assignments
  • Submit two short (simple) training cases
  • Submit two long (more complex) training cases

Step 4:

Upon successful Final Assessment:

  • Submit training log (100 hours)
  • Sign the PACT Code of Conduct
  • Pay membership